The Hoxton Window Project

The Hoxton Window Project , London, is hosted by UNIT9 and curated by Anrick Bregman. “Our premise is simple: we have four windows overlooking Hoxton Square, and we want to keep those windows covered with interesting art, whatever form that takes. We welcome all different types of artists, from illustration and graphic design to projections or interactive pieces… “. So far, this project involved various artists, as Matt Saunders, Benjamin Carr, Hattie Stewart, Su Kyung Lee, Jon Burgerman, and it’s still a work in progress.

Below, you ‘ll find the making of Jon Burgerman’s window project. Jon Burgerman, artist and salad enthusiast, is a multidisciplinarian carefully constructing a world in which the narrative of being an artist is played out across a wide variety of media for the distraction, enlightenment and delight of those who choose to tune in.



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