ObsessionArt Exhibition

ObssesionArt celebrate their 5th Anniversary with an exhibition. The ObssesionArt exhibition is held at 28 Cork Street Gallery London, being opened to visitors from 12 to 17 March 2012. Here’s the full list of exhibitors: John Wellington (New York), Stephen Perry (London), Lee Jones (Liverpool), Hajime Sorayama (Japan), Mick Payton (Birmingham), Dahmane (Paris), Igor Vasiliadis (Ukraine) and Saturno Buttò (Italy). Each photographer and artist are bringing with them their own flair and creativity for making figurative and nude art both poetic and captivating.

For those who are not familiar with, ObssesionArt is a world’s leading online art print boutique, specialized in nude, figurative and erotic art. From drawings to photography, from traditional to alternative contemporary approach, ObsessionArt has developed in the last 5 years a wide range of artistic offers (I’ve posted a small selection of their range below).


Lithograph #40 – Hajime Sorayama

A Country Girl at Heart – Stephen Perry

Acrobat on High Heels – Dirk Westphal

Astride – Marty Provost

Little Beaver – Stephen Perry

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