Perforated, fretted, lasered


I’ve always, but always, been fascinated by broken and fretted stuff, incisions and steep compositions, and I’ve always loved Lucio Fontana. I was thinking about it a few days ago, while I was wearing a shirt full of holes. The new trends carry out increasingly more interesting materials, more textured, even damaged or broken. Especially the leather variations – fretted, embossed or lasered.

I appreciate the lasered leather dresses created by Haider Ackermann, but, frankly, I prefer rawer versions.

I have recently seen some of Mihaela Cirlugea’s dresses (she’s a Romanian fashion designer from Cluj). I appreciate the originality of her fashion technique – her dresses have undergone a thorough process of cauterization… and the holes were forming some kind of drawings.

Here is a close-up from Mihaela’s SS 2011 collection – “Dreams”.

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