Vivienne Westwood – she’s already Iconic. Who on earth doesn’t know her, who doesn’t love her and who can resist her charm & fascinating world?

I was impressed, one more time, reading an interview with Vivienne Westwood (at work), published by Dazed Digital:

The less fabric the better, I think, too many and the possible permutations become endless as the ideas gather. And I like to ‘cook’ with basic ingredients.

I took a very conservative man’s tailoring fabric (I love conservative fabrics – they have so many ideas to play with), a fresco in grey chalk stripe, and made a suit comprising a jacket from two years back and a favourite skirt – the ‘alien’ skirt – World’s End customers will know this skirt.

Westwood talks about her Autumn/ Winter 2011 Collection and about how she created “The World Wide Woman”. She’s so modest and sincere; she’s a dreamer, but she has a good sense of reality, she’s a real designer… read full interview in Dazed.

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