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Europe Future Fashion sounds like an interesting fashion event in South Eastern Europe. EFF takes place between 6-1o July 2011, in the wonderful town of Split, Croatia. Precisely, within Diocletian’s Palace  – that’s a place you should visit anyway! There will be fashion shows, and many workshops and exhibitions. Being really curious about it, I asked Alen Kekic, the project director of EFF, some questions:


Fashion Salad: European Future Fashion is an important event in South Eastern Europe (now, at its second edition, right?). How did everything start?

Alen Kekic: European Future Fashion manifestation offers designers a comprehensive program, complete with choices of state-of-the-art venues and an experienced production team dedicated to ensuring individual visions are carried out. It shows package offers maximum ease and efficiency, provides the highest production value and ensures optimum exposure through a wide variety of marketing benefits and advertising opportunities, including daily print and television media coverage.

Everything started 2 years ago, when we came to idea to bring fashion forces together, to help young designers to fight poverty with microcredits.  To help new designers enter the European market, blending with bigger industry names and to simply bring Europe closer to world.

FS: Why Croatia, why Split?

AK: Croatia is a good place to be at this moment, many investors are coming to Croatia and it’s the first door to Europe Union, a very nice place to be and to present new models in the heart of history.

FS: What’s the main criteria for choosing the participant designers?

AK: The main criteria to choose designers is to help designers who don’t have the chance to go to big fashion weeks and to push them to go ahead, of course they need to prove us their creativity.

FS: You have some special guests this year… tell me about the workshops.

AK: This year featured designer is Jatin Varma, David Priol, Blerina Rugova and many others, all our designers are special guest and we try to treat them with five star comfort.

FS: How do you see the future of fashion?

AK: The future of fashion is in our hands.  Globalization already took over production in the most of the industry, including fashion, but with our policy of fairtrade we want to keep small designers on the stage and running.  Fashion will come back to a more classical approach, the so called glamour look, versus last year’s gothic based style.


Thanks Mr. Kekic for all these details.  And here’s the designer list:

Alen K. France (designer and director)
David Priol France
Fadila Edor France
Rosy Garbo Italy
Anemarie O Croatia
Kafrinne Bijoux France
Omnia Mei Sweden
Jatin Varma India
Andreea Tincu Romania
Mihaela Cirlugea Romania
Maria Hera Romania
Flutura Dedinja Kosovo
Blerina Rugova Kosovo


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  1. That’s so interesting! I usually go to both Croatia and Serbia and I think there is a lot of potential in those countries! nice to know about an event that is hold there!

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