Design Concept – ‘Fondue Slippers’

A graduate from Tama Art University’s design department, SATSUKI OHATA is a freelance designer currently based in Tokyo. His ‘Fondue Slipper’ project, recently displayed at Milano Salone Satellite 2014, caught my attention not just by ‘the look’, but mainly by the daring concept that it promotes.

slippers-by-satsuma-ohata slippers-by-satsuma-ohata-2 slippers-by-satsuma-ohata-4

Pay attention, because this project is interesting for several reasons.

Firstly, it challenges the traditional style of shoe making. Satsuki Ohata wanted to design absolutely new footwear, easy to produce and perfectly matching with wearer’s foot. Secondly – proposing a DIY formula, the designer involves the customer, inventing a technique which can be easily performed at home. How it works? You just dip your foot into a liquid and dry it. The idea was inspired by Swiss cuisine (because the production process is similar to cheese fondue).

As a result, the shoe looks like a second skin, it’s easy to wash clean after use, it is designed to wear both inside and outside (it can also be used as slipper by folding the heel).

After all, the concept is smart, easy, fun, creative. And it also leaves room for customization and further improvements.

Of course, what we have here is just a prototype, made out of PVC. The right material is under developing, as Satsuki Ohata aims to develop a kit which allows anybody to fabric his/her own Fondue Slipper at home. We love the idea and support him in this creative adventure!

National Geographic’s Wildlife Selfies

national-geographic-selfie2 national-geographic-selfie3 national-geographic-selfie4 national-geographic-selfie5

As selfies take a prominent place in our daily lifes, art director Silvio Medeiros concieved a humorous ad campaign for National Geographic, featuring wild animals taking photos in bathroom or elevators. Cute!

Streetstyle at Ocna Sugatag (RO)

vaci eugenio


Wheat is Wheat is Wheat

peddy mergui_fruit by nike_1

Fruit by Nike

peddy mergui yogurt by tiffany&co_1

Yogurt by Tiffany & Co.

peddy mergui_imilk by apple_1

iMilk by Apple

peddy mergui_olive oil by united colors of benetton_1

Olive oil by United Colors of Benetton

peddy mergui_pasta by ferrari_1

Pasta by Ferrari

peddy mergui_salami by louis vuitton_1

Salami by Louis Vuitton

peddy mergui_salt and pepper by hermes_1

Salt & pepper by Hermes

peddymergui_flour by prada_1

Flour by Prada

Wheat is Wheat is Wheat - that is the name of a project conducted by the artist and designer Peddy Mergui. Peddy Mergui is the owner of a brand firm and a senior professor of design at the Holon Institute of Technology. His creations stand out through designer’s personal graphic language and his particular taste for “rule-breaking”.

The project shown above plays around the idea of creative packaging, brand building and product perception, by infusing the image of our most basic commodities with values of prestige and luxury. Wheat is Wheat is Wheat explores the dynamic and often blurred ethical boundaries of design within consumer culture. This exhibition is currently on display at Museum of Craft and Design, San Francisco. Composed by various packagings (milk or flour boxes, fruit or salami packs), the designs highlight an unusual and insightful connection between notorious fashion labels and average consumer goods. In its very essence, Mergui’s design concept is a humorous yet provocative commentary on global consumer culture.

Fashion Is Attitude!

ashley-smith-jason-lee-parry1 ashley-smith-jason-lee-parry2-796x1200 ashley-smith-jason-lee-parry3-796x1200 ashley-smith-jason-lee-parry5 ashley-smith-jason-lee-parry8 ashley-smith-jason-lee-parry9-796x1200 ashley-smith-jason-lee-parry18-796x1200 ashley-smith-jason-lee-parry15-796x1200 ashley-smith-jason-lee-parry17-796x1200

Coney Island Adventure in  SRC783 Magazine. Photo: Jason Lee Parry/ Styling: Jewlie Brooke / Makeup: Erin Green/Hair-style: Staci Child/ Model: Ashley Smith/ images via

Accessory by Niels Peeraer

Niels Peeraer ss2014_01 Niels Peeraer ss2014_04 Niels Peeraer ss2014_05 Niels Peeraer ss2014_08

Niels Peeraer is a Belgian fashion and accessories designer and a graduate of Fashion Department at Royal Academy Of Fine Arts Antwerp. After he granted several awards and a limited edition handbag collaboration with DELVAUX (oldest Fine Leather Luxury Goods House in the world, Founded 1829 in Brussels, Belgium), he established his eponymous label of leather goods, based in Paris. His personal aesthetic is defined by artsy pieces combining vegetable tanned leather and brass fittings, with a high level of craftsmanship. Niels Peeraer stands out through the emotion and cuteness of his work. As he says, ‘there is no limit to cuteness’.

I guess that explains why it is impossible not to fall in love with his creations.

Niels Peeraer AW 2013_03 Niels-Peeraer-AW 2013- Niels Peeraer ss 2011_01

Willem Dafoe in L’Officiel Hommes

willem-dafoe-photos-001 willem-dafoe-photos-003 willem-dafoe-photos-004 willem-dafoe-photos-010 willem-dafoe-photos-008

Willem Dafoe for L’Officiel Hommes Germany, Spring/Summer 2014/ photo: Joshua Jordan/ styling: Bernet Buscato/ images via