Dancing & Drawing

Look at these drawings! I’ve never seen anything like it before. That’s not about fashion, it’s about performing arts and finding inspirational connections.

This is Tony Orrico – American artist & performer, author of all these sensational graphite-drawings. The best part of his project is that he uses his whole body as a tool to create them, acting like a human spirograph.

Using his experience in dance and choreography and performing dance-like movements, Tony Orrico covers with drawings huge paper-canvases. Sometimes, he spend hours to complete one of his works. The drawings are abstract and beautiful. They also look familiar, because they spread from the symmetry of the human body. I love this kind of projects – a simple formula with a strong concept, technology merging with organic elements. The result, in terms of art or anything else, is complete. And amazing!

No need of artifice & make-up to reach the core of things, huh?


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