Bear Embroidery

deborah simon polar 2 deborah simon polar 3 deborah simon polar

deborah simon black 1 deborah simon black 3 deborah simon black 4 deborah simon grizzly 1 deborah simon grizzly 3

Deborah Simon‘s work walks the line between taxidermy, toy and sculpture. Each animal is meticulously fabricated from clay, faux-fur to create an unnervingly accurate but slightly off version of the natural animal. Artist’s fascination for the evolutionary process, animal species, plant categories (and their ambiguous role in our culture), led her to surprising solutions. The project above recreates three bear species (Ursus maritimus, Ursus arctos horribilus, Ursus americanus) “wearing” stunning embroidery pieces inspired by animal’s anatomical features.

Photos by Dan Wonderly 

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