The Art of Claudio Parentela







Claudio Parentela is an Italian illustrator, painter, photographer, mail artist, cartoonist and freelance journalist, active for many years in the international underground scene. His fashion or anti-fashion collages (I can’t find a proper term to define them), published in different papers, magazines and all around the web, surely deserve a closer look.

Claudio Parentela’s works were featured in NY Arts Magazine, Komix, 180 Mag, Balkan Spirit, etc., presented in museums and art galleries as Tabula rasa (Barcelona), La Cueva-No Art Gallery (Milan), Diesel Gallery (NY), Museum of Porn In Art (Zurich) etc. He also collaborates with music bands for experimental projects.

Anyway, I’ve made for you a short selection of Claudio Parentela’s works; I hope you’ll like it.


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