Darius Martin

Darius Martin/ objects – installation

Darius Martin/drawing-  Silent Spring

Darius Martin/drawing–  Broccoli Cloud

Darius Martin /installation- Insectarium

Darius Martin is a Romanian contemporary artist. His work is exploring the unseen side of human existence. He creates images populated by possible objects that paradoxically mimic real ones. Prevalent in his work are destitute industrial landscapes and objects combined or merged with organic material. He’s working in several media: painting, graphic art, photography and installation, retaining his direction, often creating works that transcend different media.

Although starting off as an abstract artist, who preferred a rather flat approach, his work evolved over time into a three dimensional state. In it he translates a personal symbolism to visually coherent, yet abstract objects, using all the characteristics of the real world: spatial perspective, light and shade, color and materiality to restructure reality. I’m intrigued by the particular spatiality of these artworks.

Darius Martin/ photo – Deserted Factory