Action Is Guilt – Method to Rourke

I’ve already talked about the art of Alex Mirutziu on Fashion Salad, I love his projects – exquisite performances with a fashion touch. I mean, have you ever thought about¬† wearing a suit that works as a punching bag (love the concept!), or putting yourself helpless in the middle of a boxing match? The theme of Mirutziu’s performance – “Action is Guilt – Method to Rourke” is a subtle dialog between some antagonistic¬† entities… passive/ aggressive, fragile/ tough, slim fit/ raw muscles, etc.

“In the materiality of action each gesture loses up its energy, and meaning; the dispersion of muscular functions, what is too obvious open up into series of faults, into a terrain of particles with their own void.
When action becomes problematic the focus is on what is not happening that is less happening; it becomes a sign of absence, punctuating moments of failed communication, mobilising silence, homelessness and exploitability.”

Alex Mirutziu is a Romanian artist, whose practice extends over a wide range of media and activities, including: writing, photography, media-critical video installations and performance as well as various critical and curatorial projects. His work endows social processes with ephemeral emergence as main constructs in an attempt to reconfigure the relation between information and form, psychophysical language and content, challenging origins and meaning. His most recent work implies a recuperation of the subject between structured death and migration of suffering.

Alex Mirutziu – Action Is Guilt/Method to Rourke

Performed with guest appearance of professional bodybuilder Paolo Iannettone
Costume: Alexandru Nicolae

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