Graciously breaking the rules

I’m a great admirer of Christopher Kane’s design. The reason is not subjective (I can’t say: these are my favorite shapes, my favorite colors and the perfect shoes for me, ’cause I don’t have such prejudices), but rather objective. In my opinion, Mr. Kane is a real fashion designer, because beyond an already successful brand and a delicious show, he is able to deliver something new!

His fascination for the fabrics, the obvious affinity for the experimental and artificial side, drives him to surprising solutions every season, redefining classic elements as bows, lace, leather, embroidery and other common elements in the lexicon of western fashion.

In terms of style and craftsmanship, Christopher Kane Spring/Summer 2013 is a true masterpiece – just look at the fabrics and all these creative details. If someone is able to transform trash and mundane into luxury outfits, Christopher Kane surely is. He graciously breaks the rules, ironically playing on the edge of high fashion and good/bad taste, creating somewhat that stands out for its authenticity.

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