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I always stick a lot of pictures on my wall. Fragments, photos, connections – things that I like, things that inspire me.
Now, I think I’m getting minimal, I feel like things should be more simple & essential.

Of course, tomorrow I’ll feel different 🙂


Unique Design by Setareh Mohtarez

I came across this stunning outfit in the pages of i-D magazine. This hybrid & unusual look really impressed me and I found it very inspiring.
This top looks more like an exotic flower than a proper outfit. I wish I knew what it’s made of,  how it was designed and finally built. This makes me really curious about Setareh Mohtarez‘s work!

Setareh Mohtarez is a New York based designer who studied at the Antwerp Royal Academy. The dresses in her collection – Brightness Dawn all carry this unmistakable imprint. It’s quite remarkable when a designer manages to create a highly aesthetic and wearable costume, that doesn’t resemble ordinary clothes!

images via i-D magazine,

Black Magic Woman

Iris van Herpen hits again, this time under the umbrella of her Escapism Couture. How about this outfit? Look at these fabrics, this technique, this polished look, this gorgeous silhouette!

Iris van Herpen is one of my favorite designers, and I think her work initiates a new wave in contemporary fashion design. She brings out these wonderful pieces, together with a fresh vision on the fashionable body.


image via

Round & Round

I like round objects – round clothes, round handbags, round edges, round glasses. Do you know why? Because they are always perfect. Round things are basic, smart, funny and timeless. Round glasses, black or colored, reading glasses or sunglasses, branded or no name, they could be a fashion statement.

*of course, Jeremy Scott Mickey Mouse glasses are the best!

Irina Werning Goes “Back to the Future”

“Back to the Future” is one of Irina Werning’ s photo projects. And I find it extraordinary.
Look closely at the characters, re-found and re-photographed after a long period of time, re-taken in an almost identical stance.

A simple juxtaposition – an unexpected perspective on what is usual and commonplace in our daily lives. It’s so human, deep, and funny at the same time.

Even if these photos  are beyond fashion, the styling is perfect (and essential!). Check out the whole series on Irina Werning ‘s site.

That’s what I call a 1st class salad !

Playin’ Fashion – Playin’ Invisible

I recently became more interested in shoe design. It’s not that I like  shoes more than clothes, but in the world of shoes, the concept of new design is much stronger, while 3D printing technology opens new horizons. What I find absolutely fascinating: Marloes Ten Bhomer, Julian Hakes, Terra Plana and, now, Andreia Chaves.

I looked at these shoes many times, and I did not manage to post anything about them. In fact, I don’t have many comments. The designer is Andreia Chaves and the objects themselves are sensational. The “Invisible” project is a study of optical effects, smartly applied in shoe design. The result is a brand new urban object, playing chameleon – borrowing the traces of the environment, through a wonderful game of mirrors. There is also another version of this project called “Naked”, which keeps only the skeleton of the shoe. (I prefer the “invisible” one; I like the concept of changing surface).

The technology is fascinating and the future of fashion cannot be conceived separately from it. No wonder that a Japanese engineer invented an invisible coat. Creativity and technological innovation will soon replace nostalgia and automatisms which still govern contemporary fashion system.

Reloading Fashion

This piece was created by Issey Miyake in the 80s. And that was something beyond its time.

Last year, Vogue Germany showed this fascinating editorial, photographed by Karl Lagerfeld and inspired by Metropolis, Fritz Lang’s film. This metallic corset is already a cult item of fashion’s futuristic imagery. Although it was designed by Thierry Mugler almost 20 years ago!


The new collection Thierry Mugler Womenswear 2011, curated by Nicola Formichetti, tries to revive the ideals of the 80s fashion. Keeping the same spirit, he manages a few remarkable effects Though, in this case, we cannot say that he invents a new form, a brand new line or a different body. As Mugler did, at his time.

I like the shoulders line  & I love the molded bra !