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Hot & Fluo

Isabeli Fontana in a Mert&Marcus photo shooting – this editorial belongs to Vogue Paris, June/ July 2011.

Enjoy the summer!


Fashion focuses temporary on a body part or another – the waist, the bust or the legs, the front or the back view etc. Now, fashion pays attention to the hips. And there’s no part of the woman body more sexy than the hips – I totally agree with that.

Apart from the bodysuits and various swimwear outfits, there are also some great dresses created by Haider Ackermann and Nicolas Andreas Taralis, in their Fall 2011 collections.

Excess all areas

Matthew Stone (an artist and a shaman) is probably best known for his “painfully beautiful photographic nudes”. Anyway, he has wonderful collaborations with avantgarde fashion magazines… I loved The Creator of Devotion in Vogue Hommes Japan, and I love this new editorial in i-D Magazine (#313, The Hedonist Issue).

I mean, Matthew Stone photography + Matthew Josephs styling = perfection

Excess all areas
i-D Summer 2011
Photography – Matthew Stone
Styling – Matthew Josephs
Set – David White
Make Up – Isamaya Ffrench
Models – Alek Wek @ Storm / Daniel Bamdad @ Elite Milano/ Korrel Kennedy and Theio Maddix @ Elite London


Utopian Dream

This is the new man/ Athletic form/ Control me/ White and flawless – these are some new fashionable concepts and the trend is already in the air. Sounds like a new fashion utopia. Or, more precisely, as a new body utopia.

This editorial belongs to the summer issue of Tush magazine .

Photographed by Ellen von Untwerth (actually, that’s quite new for Untwerth’s style) / styled by Ingo Nahrwold / source :


Vivienne Westwood – she’s already Iconic. Who on earth doesn’t know her, who doesn’t love her and who can resist her charm & fascinating world?

I was impressed, one more time, reading an interview with Vivienne Westwood (at work), published by Dazed Digital:

The less fabric the better, I think, too many and the possible permutations become endless as the ideas gather. And I like to ‘cook’ with basic ingredients.

I took a very conservative man’s tailoring fabric (I love conservative fabrics – they have so many ideas to play with), a fresco in grey chalk stripe, and made a suit comprising a jacket from two years back and a favourite skirt – the ‘alien’ skirt – World’s End customers will know this skirt.

Westwood talks about her Autumn/ Winter 2011 Collection and about how she created “The World Wide Woman”. She’s so modest and sincere; she’s a dreamer, but she has a good sense of reality, she’s a real designer… read full interview in Dazed.

Make Up – Fake Up


Looking Twice was a London exhibition dedicated to Fashion & Illusion, increasing the popularity of this topic. Some fashion students explored the theme of illusion, showing creativity and innovation through the use of distorted shapes and trompe l’oeil. I really love this theme, and I’ve been always fascinated about translating illusionism in terms of fashion.

Fashion plays the game of illusion, distorsion and trompe l’oeil, from twisted garments to creative make-up. Watch the latest covers of i-D Magazine and taste the  best of it.


Dancing & Drawing

Look at these drawings! I’ve never seen anything like it before. That’s not about fashion, it’s about performing arts and finding inspirational connections.

This is Tony Orrico – American artist & performer, author of all these sensational graphite-drawings. The best part of his project is that he uses his whole body as a tool to create them, acting like a human spirograph.

Using his experience in dance and choreography and performing dance-like movements, Tony Orrico covers with drawings huge paper-canvases. Sometimes, he spend hours to complete one of his works. The drawings are abstract and beautiful. They also look familiar, because they spread from the symmetry of the human body. I love this kind of projects – a simple formula with a strong concept, technology merging with organic elements. The result, in terms of art or anything else, is complete. And amazing!

No need of artifice & make-up to reach the core of things, huh?