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Ode to Gaultier

Lately, I’ve seen how all the great designers and idols of my early fashion dreams, are exhibited, one by one, by different museums in the world. Chalayan, Margiela, Yamamoto, McQueen, and now Gaultier. This fact makes me realize that we’re talking about the end of a gorgeous fashion era, the point when you have to stop, to look around, to analyze and move along, to new fashion horizons.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts opened the first international exhibition devoted to the celebrated French couturier- Jean Paul Gaultier, June 17- October 2, 2011.

The exhibition was organized in six sections, mapping the guidelines to Gaultier’s fashion world, from the sidewalk to the catwalk:

The Odyssey of Jean Paul Gaultier/ The boudoir/ Skin Deep/ Punk Cancan/ Urban Jungle/ Metropolis

I’d like to take a look over there, but, surely we will get one in Europe, too.  Soon.

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Be it swimwear or outerwear, I love these second-skins.  I also love this styling, in all its sexy sobriety.

Fashion editorial in Numero #124 / Jessica Miller photographed by Sean &Seng / images via


Many contemporary art projects are focused on the body, it’s space and movements, identity and especially, it’s privacy. Remember the Veasyble project?

Now, I came across another intriguing object, designed by the Franco- Portuguese conceptual artist Didier Faustino. ‘Doppelgänger‘ is designed for two people and looks like a symbolic mask (or prosthesis) which is able to link them in a sort of mirror kiss.

‘Doppelgänger’ was created for Paris, Designer’s Days 2011

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Not Another Fashion Accessory

Andreas Eberharter is a freelance Austrian artist. Based in Vienna, he’s a goldsmith and sculptor, and the man behind the AND_i label, founded in 2001. Andreas Eberharter’s approach to jewelry is that of a sculptor who seeks access to expressions of artistic form…the pieces are polished, strong & eye-catching.

Made from some new and unusual materials, such as aluminum and acrylic glass, adorned with Swarovski crystals and pearls or cubic zirconia, these objects have everything to fit the standards of contemporary fashion jewelry. Most of all, I love the ideas, the concept behind all series (Totem, Raptor, Alligator), and that perfect balance between technology and art.


Totem products by AND_i from Andreas Eberharter on Vimeo.


Tired of fashionable artifices, sick of glossy images and photoshop-ed cheeks?

These images are part of Marc Jacobs’ advertising campaign, autumn 2011. After the sensational Vivienne Westwood campaign last year, here prefigures another. Looks promising and we hope to be as interesting and unusual as the lady in the pics – Helena Bonham Carter (she ‘s one of my favorites). The fashion photographer behind this project is, of course, same Juergen Teller.


Pina Bausch (1940 –  2009) was a german avant-garde choreographer. She danced and staged her own pieces, such as Cafe Mueller and Viktor, and also performed in films by iconic film directors Federico Fellini and Pedro Almodovar. She pushed the bounderies of dance, creating wonderful performances in her Tanztheater dance style. I watched Wim Wenders’ movie dedicated to her  – “ Pina” (the 3D version), and I was really impressed.  The actors-dancers, costumes, bodies, sensations… MUST SEE, I don’t have words to describe this.


I’ve always wondered what’s more important for a designer: to be highly creative or to achieve a super-polished look? To invent or to preserve, to deny or to follow the big idea, to be particular or to be commercial? Of course, if you’re running one of the greatest fashion brands in the world, you have to be creative, coherent, respectful, smart and polished, all in the same time!

Now, let’s take a look at Celine Resort 2012 Collection.Philo did it again, as simple and as clear as possible, finishing to extreme her particular commercial formula.


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