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Spatial Yellow

Anish Kapoor – Yellow, 1999

That’s not a trompe l’oeil painting, that’s a fibreglass and pigment sculpture. The negative space  used in such a “positive” way. Looks pretty fantastic, huh? Here’s another Kapoor lesson of re-inventing space by smart simple means and genuine use of true colors.

Fashionable Hybrid Concepts

Manish Arora or vintage Thierry Mugler?

Ah, the Flowers!

“The moment we live in is a great time to make art. We have different technologies to play with, and we’re left with the opportunity to focus on our work.”  (Jeff Koons)

That’s Jeff Koons, playin’ one of his favorite “artistic” themes: the balloon flowers .


I don’t know why, this last image reminded me of Yamamoto’s inflatable skirt, from his S/S 2011 Collection (although these 2 artists have absolutely nothing in common, in fact I used to think that they’re quite opposite..).

To be modern is to tear the soul out of every thing”  (Yohji Yamamoto)



Cathy Horyn’s Studio visits. This time, she talks to Alexander McQueen’s Sarah Burton about craftsmanship, inspiration, heritage. Plus, those stunning images of Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2012 Collection.


Tom Ford vs. Romanian Blouse

… I’ve streamlined things more this season. I think I’m very classic, because what I do is always based on something you’ve seen before. And yes, maybe there’s something YSL about it. When I left off designing for women, I was at YSL so I’m working through that to be me, asking myself, What do I like? What defines your brand?”   confessed  Tom Ford to Vogue

Isn’t he adorable?

*Romania Peasant Blouse is already famous for inspiring artists worldwide, as Matisse and Yves Saint Laurent. Tom Ford did a wonderful job, too ( he always knows precisely what the women need ! ).

So Yoo Lym

Hair braiding and cornrow braiding exists around the world for ages, as a daily beauty ritual much in the way women and men all over the world and throughout time have styled their hair. Braiding is universal and timeless. The art of So Yoo Lym is mainly focused on it, as a kind of urban patterns,  worth to explore with her artistic tools. The Korean born artist lived her life somehow between continents, being the creator of a series of testimonials on contemporary urban tribes –  “The Dreamtime”. This series of hair and braid paintings began in 2008 ( you can’t believe they’re paintings, huh?) . Everything is based on photos taken by the artist of her students and people she stumbled upon while living in New Jersey.

And now, take a look at the cornrow hairstyle at Alexander McQueen, Spring/ Summer 2012



I’m sure that everybody is already tired of Versace x H&M theme. Me too. I’m not a big fan of Versace, but I really appreciate their strong color statement.  And I’m a color lover, colors can change the mood, colors are emotional, colors are optimistic, colors are hot! Versace always knew how to do it, they are able to make you love the same colors you’d usually reject. That’s how I see the benefits of this recent collaboration, besides the new pair of shoes, or the dress possibly hanging in our wardrobe.

And here’s a nice picture, probably the best that I found on this topic (already too publicized, too trivialized) .

Italians Do It Better– the Dress to Kill editorial / photo : Bo Brinkenfalk H&M x Versace collection / image via