Eclectic Mood

Here’s a special editorial in the spring-summer issue of The Block Magazine. They call it “Decadent Basic” . I think it’s not “basic” at all, it’s just a perfect mix of retro, chic and sporty inspiration. They put together athletic elements, veils and fashionable items from labels such as Altuzarra, Jil Sander, Maison Martin Margiela and Louis Vuitton. Playing around the idea of an unconventional wedding dress, this editorial reveals particular tastes and creative alternatives. And that’s a lovely concept!

Photographs: Bon Duke/ Styling: Martha Violante/ Model: Chrishell Stubbs/ images via

Easter Eggs

Egg decoration for Easter is an old Christian tradition; I think it’s best preserved in the Eastern European countries. You can still find complex handmade patterns on Easter eggs in countries such as Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Greece, Czech Republic, where the ancient  folk motifs prevail over contemporary commercial imagery. It’s a kind of magic.

The eggs above are traditionally Romanian Easter Eggs. It’s genuine craftsmanship, I love all these adornments put together. Looks even better than the Persian carpets in the Margiela show!

Happy Easter! to all who celebrate Easter these days!

Stella(r) Romance

That Stella Appeal is an editorial dedicated to Stella McCartney in the April issue of Interview Magazine. The soft and romantic mood comes along with a Stella McCartney interview .

Photo: Craig McDean/ Styling: Karl Templer/ Model: Katryn Kruger/ Hairstyle: Anthony Turner/ Make-up:  Mark Carrasquillo/ images source:


What’s the Sneakercube? It’s all about “favourite sneakers cubed up!” Being inspired by the everyday objects, the author of the Sneakercubes displays aesthetically pleasing non-products, some sort of impossible objects.

Sneakercube is a personal design project by Pawel Nolbert, a graphic artist. How does it work?

Simply, I take a sneaker that I love & I re-envision it as a cube. It’s also a creative way to represent my wish list of sneakers, though I own some of those.

Visiting the Sneakercube site, you’ll find a sneaker wishlist, too. There are various models, from different brands, a continuous inspiration for the artist to cube them up. I like this project, because it’s dealing with the symbols of our contemporary lifestyle. Then, it’s the object presentation- the minimalist aesthetics is driven to impossible and absurd, as the sneakers are turned into cubes. Pawel Nolbert, the author, says it’s the Raf Simons Yellow Astronaut sneaker that made him start the Sneakercube project. Which is quite understandable – check out the model posted below (Raf Simons sneaker versus the Sneakercube) .

*I’m curious about the Marc Jacobs’ sneakers from the S/S 2012 Marc line (my favorites !). How would that sneaker look like if it’s turned into a cube?