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Michal Macku


Michal Macku‘s work is definitely unique in the landscape of contemporary photography. In the era of  digital photography, digital manipulation of the image and Instagram, his experiments with technique of gellage and carbon prints, his particular body images and glass objects, place him on the list of endangered species.

Michal Macku, a Czech photographer, graduated  from the Technological Faculty of the Polytechnic Institute in Brno and the Institute of Art Photography, Prague. He began to make photographs in 1978. Being obsessed with the human body and the body imagery, he continues to explore and research the endless possibilities in photography. Michal Macku talks about his work:

I use the nude human body (mostly my own) in my pictures. Through the photographic process [of Gellage], this concrete human body is compelled to meet with abstract surroundings and distortions. This connection is most exciting for me and helps me to find new levels of humanness in the resulting work. I am always seeking new means of expression and, step by step, I am discovering almost unlimited possibilities through my work with loosened gelatin. Photographic pictures mean specific touch with concrete reality for me, one captured level of real time.

Michal Macku is widely known for his works using the technique named Gellage and his discovery of this unique process has cemented his name in the history of contemporary photography. The technique ‘Gellage’ consists of the transfer of exposed and fixed photographic emulsion onto paper. This transparent and plastic material makes it possible to reshape and reform the original images, changing their relationships and endowing them with new meanings during the transfer. Macku’s experiments include carbon prints (the carbon prints are sized approx. 35×30 cm (14×12”), on a top quality graphic watermark paper, stamped and signed and the edition of each motif is limited to 24 numbered copies) and the exquisite glass objects (the artist creates 3 D glass-photographic objects, the so called glass gellages).

His works place “body pictures” in new situations, new contexts, new realities, causing their “authentic” reality to become relative. I selected above some of my favorite images from artist’s portfolio. View more on Michal Macku’s website


Incognito variations

Maison Martin Margiela S/S 2008 versus Maison Martin Margiela haute couture Spring 2013


In The Shade

Le Drama– editorial in Vulture magazine/ model: Paul Boche / photographer:  Sergio Mejia / styling by Susan Walsh.

wabi sabi

Rene Burri, Child, Liberia (1975)

Sui He in i-D magazine, Spring 2012

Check the Boundaries

Y-3 Spring/ Summer Campaign 2013


HNY 2013!

Now that the end of the world has passed without harmful effects (at least not in ‘that’ way), I take the opportunity to say Happy New Year to all of you!

And I don’t know a better way for a fresh and optimistic start than taking fashion as a good joke ( as it probably is). I found the charm of Mr Gugu & Miss Go quite approachable… I mean it’s brilliant! Just take a look.






Mr Gugu & Miss Go is a Polish label with a genuine philosophy:

Mr. Gugu is a European brand that has a unique background. It is based on a genuine conviction that the way we dress ourselves really matters for the future of our continent. We like to assist any person who decides to look better than before. We want people of Europe to look fresh, brave, original, and self-confident.

So… Mr. Gugu makes you a dream candidate for the future we dream about. He makes you the cutest child of the age to come. And Miss. Go rules over him just as every beautiful woman rules over her brilliant husband. They both will show you what is worth wearing not only today, and not only tonight, but tomorrow and the age after tomorrow… read more

So, Let Mr. Gugu and Miss Go help you look better. (totally love this statement!)

If you’re already intrigued, you can purchase these goodies here.

Again, Happy New Year in fashion!