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Not Your Usual Jewelry


TALLER DE FEEAS, the brainchild of Spanish artist Remedios Vincent, is an unusual  mix of jewelry, wearable art pieces, lost-and-found objects – everything ”made to dislike”.

The label itself  has an interesting story: TALLER means ” workshop ” and FEEAS comes as an abbreviation of Remedios’ first art blog entitled Flores En El Atico. Initiated as a hobby (visiting antique stores, collecting broken dolls and other antique pieces with a modest, rusty, abandoned and forgotten character), flavoured with a conceptual approach and a passion for craftsmanship, this particular ”vice” has grown into a professional matter. Of course, we have to admit that Remedios has a special talent for that! Her artpieces are intriguing: exquisite, macabre, ironic, unique. Not to mention the perfection of the execution.

Most of these jewels were designed (re) using specific human prosthetics, reminiscent of human body parts (eyelashes, eyes, teeth ) or ancient medical instruments, which are equally related to the body. Exploring an edgy aesthetic, the artist gives new life to pieces that have ceased to be useful in regards to their initial purpose, converting them into brooches, pendants, rings or simply odd art objects.

At a glance, her gallery resembles a cabinet de curiosités. There can be found pieces made out of antique ocular prostheses combined with vintage rings (some of the ”eyes” are from World War II). Other pieces , such as those based on ancient medical and surgical equipment are just as paradoxical (thinking that these discared objects once helped us to improve our life and feel better about ourselves, and now could do the same functioning as original jewellery). Anyway, wearing such an accessory would spice up the most ordinary outfit. So, it’s worth trying, why not?

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Brushed Effect

Sruli Recht – cardboard box for a ring
RAD hourani_2
Rad Hourani project – from RAD#8

Strong Impressions

li-wei-naomi-yang2 li-wei-naomi-yang4 li-wei-naomi-yang9 li-wei-naomi-yang11

Strong Impressions – the fashion editorial in Glamour France, February issue/ photo: Naomi Yang/ styling: Donatella Musco/model: Li Wei/  images via

The grocery market seems to be the perfect place to display the colorful designs of Celine, Kenzo or Ralph Lauren. Nice choice!

Mickey Reloaded


David Gill photography


Bobby Abley Menswear, Fall 2014

mickey bobby abley backstage1

Bobby Abley Menswear, Fall 2014


Bobby Abley Menswear, Fall 2014


Katie Eary Menswear, Fall 2014


Katie Eary Menswear, Fall 2014

Up & Down

It’s my turn in Another Magazine/ Photo: Viviane Sassen/ Styling: Mattias Karlsson/Model: Kinée Diouf
He Xiangyu‘s sculpture – Ai Weiwei lying down on the floor (fiberglass, silicone, fabric, human hair and leather)