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Strange Connections


Lucie Koldova – Mona lamp

darth vader mask_

Darth Vader mask

NIKE x Kanye West

NIKE’ s long awaited Air Yeezy 2 “Red October”, designed by Kanye West, was officially released, selling out in minutes. Sculptural, completely red, with special texture – how could anyone resist it?

NIKE-air-yeezy-2-red-october-1 NIKE-air-yeezy-2-red-october-3 NIKE-air-yeezy-2-red-october-2

Playing 3D

It seems that the wires and the optical illusions from Kane’s previous collections (Women RST and Men Spring 2014) have evolved into another phase. Some dresses displayed in Christopher Kane Fall 2014 show bring out surprising 3D constructions. Desirable, wearable, perfectly designed for girls with flat silhouettes.

Christopher Kane fall 2014_1 Christopher Kane fall 2014_2 Christopher Kane fall 2014_3 Christopher Kane fall 2014_4 Christopher Kane fall 2014_5

Christopher Kane, Fall 2014 collection/ images via

Fencer Chic




Fencer Chic – TenMag Spain, February 2014/ photo: Laia Benavides/ model and  fencer Race Imboden/images via



Isn’t she fabulous?

Interview with Michèle Lamy by Sofia Tchkonia.

Personal Uniforms

daft punk Diane-Pernet-June-2012Milan terry-richardson

While uniforms in general (military, school or even corporate uniforms) remain fascinating in everyday life and a continuous source of inspiration for fashion designers, certain individuals (from Karl Lagerfeld and Diane Pernet to the Daft Punk guys) lead the concept to another level, creating their own personal uniforms.

As Rick Owens confesses in a GQ interview: I have twenty of the same thing, I wear the same outfit every single day. I can’t imagine having to choose clothes in the morning. It would drive me crazy. I mean, I found one thing I like and then I probably have twenty of it. I change it a little bit every year, maybe, but it’s basically the same thing”.

Wearing an uniform (the same outfit day by day, only with slightly changes) is definitely a fruit of self-discipline. Especially when it comes the world of fashion – an elitist tribe of glitz and glam, it’s not easy to stand out of the crowd. Perhaps the ultimate extravaganza is to find a restrictive, distilled personal formula, blend with it, achieving an iconic look. Sometimes this could be a lifelong project. But I guess it worths.