The Eye Has To Travel

A new fashion documentary, celebrating Diana Vreeland,  will be released in theaters next month.  Suggestively titled The Eye Has to Travel, the movie, featuring one of the most influential fashion editors of all times, promises to be colourful and inspiring . Take a look at the trailer below!


Lisa Immordino Vreeland, Diana’s granddaughter-in-law and film director, declared in her interview for Vogue Italia that “I strongly believe, the legacy Mrs. Vreeland left behind is extremely strong and deep, and  goes beyond being a “mere” fashion revolutionary: she really helped change social history and emancipated women. Her life, which spanned 1903 until 1989, is by all means a vivid portrait of the XX century.


The Story of Yuyi

This  short film, directed by famous photo- duo, Inez and Vinoodh, is featuring Gaga as mermaid Yüyi. Shot during the making of the official video  “You and I”, I think this mini- film is much better than the final, redundant version of it. And talking about second-skins… Note the spectacular skin of the mermaid- Formichetti’s signature styling.

If someone’s interested to learn more about the Yuyi, check out the Gagapedia


Pina Bausch (1940 –  2009) was a german avant-garde choreographer. She danced and staged her own pieces, such as Cafe Mueller and Viktor, and also performed in films by iconic film directors Federico Fellini and Pedro Almodovar. She pushed the bounderies of dance, creating wonderful performances in her Tanztheater dance style. I watched Wim Wenders’ movie dedicated to her  – “ Pina” (the 3D version), and I was really impressed.  The actors-dancers, costumes, bodies, sensations… MUST SEE, I don’t have words to describe this.