ADzero is the first bamboo smartphone in the world, and it’s absolutely stunning. We know few things about this device yet: it runs on Android, its body is made of pure bamboo with a huge display and is said to be almost half the weight of an iPhone.

The bamboo phone was designed by a 23 year old Kieron-Scott Woodhouse, a student at the Middlesex University. And he was really inspired. The phone is to be released in China and the UK soon, but other details are hard to come by at the moment. Anyway, I think the concept is brilliant – it’s nice, smart, stylish and eco-friendly. ADzero will be a luxury product, and that’s the way it should be… in the beginning. The trend of “natural” technology seems very appealing to me, and I’m sure it will play a great role over the next couple of years.


Cast By Shadows

The Australian designer, now based in Reykjavik – Sruli Recht, is already famous for his particular fashion projects and his passion for the so-called “non-products”:

” ‘Non-Products’ – A specially made low run piece, either hand tooled or machine made, that would lose its context as a mass produced item, and is not viable to produce in large quantities. And/or An item that is in concept stage as a byproduct of the previous. ”

Sruli Recht definitely likes to experiment. Being equally interested in fashion and custom-tailoring, industrial design and illustration, he is, by all means, creative (till he reaches controversy). After the designer showed over the years some sensational projects like his Umbuster, the Bulletprouf HandKerchief etc., here he comes with some special items in his SS 2011 Collection – “Cast By Shadows”.

I’m talking about the limited-edition objects that he developed for the visually impaired – the white cane and the white glasses. The white larch cane is bleached in the sun, hand-carved and tipped with rubber. The eyeshade  frames are made of hand-carved cherry wood, while the lenses are hand-cut in Carrara marble. Both of them are limited edition- 5 pieces per each item.

Special indeed, I love projects like this. Because fashion should move further & go beyond.

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Playin’ Fashion – Playin’ Invisible

I recently became more interested in shoe design. It’s not that I like  shoes more than clothes, but in the world of shoes, the concept of new design is much stronger, while 3D printing technology opens new horizons. What I find absolutely fascinating: Marloes Ten Bhomer, Julian Hakes, Terra Plana and, now, Andreia Chaves.

I looked at these shoes many times, and I did not manage to post anything about them. In fact, I don’t have many comments. The designer is Andreia Chaves and the objects themselves are sensational. The “Invisible” project is a study of optical effects, smartly applied in shoe design. The result is a brand new urban object, playing chameleon – borrowing the traces of the environment, through a wonderful game of mirrors. There is also another version of this project called “Naked”, which keeps only the skeleton of the shoe. (I prefer the “invisible” one; I like the concept of changing surface).

The technology is fascinating and the future of fashion cannot be conceived separately from it. No wonder that a Japanese engineer invented an invisible coat. Creativity and technological innovation will soon replace nostalgia and automatisms which still govern contemporary fashion system.