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Paris Opera House ballerina Marie-Agnes Gillot is featured in the editorial of Crash Magazine, December/January issue. Photo: Julien Vallon

a suit to travel In_paul smith

Paul Smith launched his latest innovation for menswear – A Suit to Travel In. A troop of exceptional performers were selected to demonstrate the extraordinary qualities of the suit. Cut from a 100% wool fabric, flexible and breathable, the item provides the wearer with complete freedom of movement.


bara prasilova amen

Bara Prasilova graduated from the Institute of Creative Photography at Silesian University. She lives and works in Prague / Czech Republic. Her visual world consists of imaginary memories of what never happened and explorations of what could have happened if we dropped the habit of drawing our own limits. Her photographs have a characteristic slightly somber and magical atmosphere and humor, which is obvious more or less, depending on specific projects. Her objects are only mediators of the story, the role models. Bara enjoys complicating her job with insisting on real props and objects, sometimes made by her, which could in other cases be easily replaced by Photoshop. She frequently distorts figures of her models. Specifically with their feet positioning she is referring to her childhood ballet era.

bara prasilova amen2 bara prasilova amen3

bara prasilova amen4

Here ‘s a selection from Bara’s fashion editorial Amen, realized for Proč ne?! magazine .

CREDITS: Petra Vokjan – retouching/ Viola Fetisova – styling/ Regina Soudilova – hair styling/ Renata Zelinkova/L’Oréal Paris – make-up/ Sasha Melnychuk (Bohemia M.), Josef (Clique M.) – models/ Mario Wild Flowers – flower props/ Filip Jandourek – photo assistant/ Matej Tresnak/Kinorama – Profoto rental/ Irena Tesarcikova – production/ images via

Visual Tales


The New York magazine Visual Tales dedicates a large editorial to a promising young talent – XIMON LEE. His graduation collection this year from Parsons titled  Children of Leningradsky was unanimously acclaimed, gaining enthusiastic reviews everywhere. Recently, Ximon Lee was announced as one of the eight finalists for the H&M Design Award 2015.

Ximon is from Hong Kong but now lives in New York. His diploma collection inspired by the documentary “Children of Leningradsky” approaches menswear design in a very particular way. Taking inspiration from the oversized clothes worn by homeless children in Russian suburbs, he experimented with layered fabrics and exaggerated shapes, exploring the contrast between synthetic and organic textures, between glossy and raw. The outstanding sandwiched pieces in Ximon Lee’s collection are based especially on recycled denim. Working a lot with found materials, he deconstructed and re-patterned many garments from Salvation Army, experimenting various techniques and surface treatments. The result is clean, bold, unisex, global, timeless, emotional. A body of work interesting not just in terms of fabrics and shapes proposed, but also in the way designer chooses to formulate his personal approach to the world of fashion: simple, smart, genuine. Perfect!

Jeremy-Matos-Visual-Tales-2014-Photo-Shoot-003 Jeremy-Matos-Visual-Tales-2014-Photo-Shoot-004 Jeremy-Matos-Visual-Tales-2014-Photo-Shoot-005 Jeremy-Matos-Visual-Tales-2014-Photo-Shoot-006 Jeremy-Matos-Visual-Tales-2014-Photo-Shoot-007 Jeremy-Matos-Visual-Tales-2014-Photo-Shoot-009 Jeremy-Matos-Visual-Tales-2014-Photo-Shoot-011 Jeremy-Matos-Visual-Tales-2014-Photo-Shoot-012 Jeremy-Matos-Visual-Tales-2014-Photo-Shoot-013 Jeremy-Matos-Visual-Tales-2014-Photo-Shoot-014 Jeremy-Matos-Visual-Tales-2014-Photo-Shoot-015 Jeremy-Matos-Visual-Tales-2014-Photo-Shoot-018
Editorial in New York City magazine Visual Tales / Photographer: Jennifer Livingston / Styling: Haidee Findlay-Levin / Model Jeremy Matos (Red Citizen) /  Featured designs: Ximon Lee / images via



gianpaolobarbieri gian paolo barbieri Sail Fish gian-paolo-barbieri-22

Gian Paolo Barbieri is a famous Italian photographer, well known for his fashion projects published in Vogue, GQ and another fashion magazines, but also for his traveling photos took in the 90s showing exotic locations and tropical paradises  (check his albums Madagascar, Tahiti Tattoos, Equator etc.). Barbieri approached flowers, fish, islands, sea, rocks and native people with a keen eye and a macro lens; he photographs in analog and does not retouch his pictures. The images published above revolve around one of Barbieri favorite themes – fish and fishing.

Difendi Conserva Prega

andrea cammarosano Andrea_Cammarosano_SS14_2 Andrea-Cammarosano-SS14-modular-collection

Andrea Cammarosano was born in Trieste, studied fashion design in Florence and Antwerp, worked with Walter Van Beirendonck, collaborated with Italian brand Iceberg, received many prizes, and is currently based in San Francisco. His work is cosmopolite, versatile, well-crafted, conceptual, bold, paying homage to tradition and classic elegance with ‘a hope for a better future’.

His S/S 2014 collection titled ‘Difendi Conserva Prega‘ (translated ‘Defend Preserve Pray’) proposes modular clothing. Inspired by Pasolini’s philosophy, work and military uniforms and Italian historical costumes, Cammarosano divides the outfits in smaller pieces that one can assembly in order to achieve the final look. Bold, simple, deep – I love the concept!

Accessory by Niels Peeraer

Niels Peeraer ss2014_01 Niels Peeraer ss2014_04 Niels Peeraer ss2014_05 Niels Peeraer ss2014_08

Niels Peeraer is a Belgian fashion and accessories designer and a graduate of Fashion Department at Royal Academy Of Fine Arts Antwerp. After he granted several awards and a limited edition handbag collaboration with DELVAUX (oldest Fine Leather Luxury Goods House in the world, Founded 1829 in Brussels, Belgium), he established his eponymous label of leather goods, based in Paris. His personal aesthetic is defined by artsy pieces combining vegetable tanned leather and brass fittings, with a high level of craftsmanship. Niels Peeraer stands out through the emotion and cuteness of his work. As he says, ‘there is no limit to cuteness’.

I guess that explains why it is impossible not to fall in love with his creations.

Niels Peeraer AW 2013_03 Niels-Peeraer-AW 2013- Niels Peeraer ss 2011_01

A Few Grams of Red, Yellow, Blue

Centrum-Sztuki-Współczesnej-Zamek-Ujazdowski-Alex_Mirutziu (10)

Alex Mirutziu in collaboration with Elias Merino – Scotopolitic Objects #2 for five performers and electroacoustic impromptu/

In the opening of  “A few grams of red, yellow, blue. New Romanian Art”  exhibition,  Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle Warsaw ( March 10-June 8 2014)/

Performers: from left to right: Maxim Liulca, Diana Marincu, Razvan Sadean, Flaviu Rogojan, Radu Comsa/ Photo © CCA Warsaw

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