Smaranda Almasan S/S 2014


Smaranda Almasan‘s S/S 2014 collection, recently presented at MQ Vienna Fashion Week, was a pleasent surprise. Designer’s black & white signature outfits were counterpointed with tropical accents, delivering an unexpected mix of streetwear and homewear. There’s a casual/funny approach, much needed in the sobriety of the last seasons, especially in menswear.

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ADzero is the first bamboo smartphone in the world, and it’s absolutely stunning. We know few things about this device yet: it runs on Android, its body is made of pure bamboo with a huge display and is said to be almost half the weight of an iPhone.

The bamboo phone was designed by a 23 year old Kieron-Scott Woodhouse, a student at the Middlesex University. And he was really inspired. The phone is to be released in China and the UK soon, but other details are hard to come by at the moment. Anyway, I think the concept is brilliant – it’s nice, smart, stylish and eco-friendly. ADzero will be a luxury product, and that’s the way it should be… in the beginning. The trend of “natural” technology seems very appealing to me, and I’m sure it will play a great role over the next couple of years.



I’ve never doubt Stella McCartney’s talent, but some of her looks are still surprising me. As does this wonderful, bold, perfect dress from her Fall 2011 Collection.

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I’ve always wondered what’s more important for a designer: to be highly creative or to achieve a super-polished look? To invent or to preserve, to deny or to follow the big idea, to be particular or to be commercial? Of course, if you’re running one of the greatest fashion brands in the world, you have to be creative, coherent, respectful, smart and polished, all in the same time!

Now, let’s take a look at Celine Resort 2012 Collection.Philo did it again, as simple and as clear as possible, finishing to extreme her particular commercial formula.


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