Absurd Geometry

Penrose Triangle, first designed by Oscar Reutersvärd (1934)

90 ° – the impossible triangle vase, designed by Cuatro Cuatros

It’s nice when an impossible object starts to be not just possible, but also useful. The Cuatro Cuatros’ triangle vase would be such a case, because the paradox is their speciality. The “impossible vase”, like most of Cuatro Cuatros’ projects, deals with optical illusion.

The interposition, orientation and perspective create a contradiction of the space that makes us perceive something that is not. It comes from the Penrose experience. 90 ° is a vase that, based on a drawing, has been converted to a geometrical shape with volume. Depending on the point of view, both ends coincide and make it look like a closed figure.

And we have to admit, that’s a smart design piece.

Cuatro Cuatros is a design studio formed in mid-2010 by four industrial designers from Valencia, Spain: Cristina Ródenas Lechiguero, Adrián Martínez Almonacid, Marina Francés and Isabel Cortina (currently is composed by Adrián and Cristina).
Their designs reshape our everyday objects, without being striking. Imbued with mathematical hints, Cuatro Cuatros love to revisit maths’ basic symbols and concepts, to play with the angles (the 180° project, 90° project, 30° and so on), delivering simple solution suited for contemporary lifestyle.


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