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Tina Chirita is a young Romanian talent, with a BA degree in Fashion design from University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca. Her graduation collection was inspired by doodle – an unfocused and unconscious type of drawing related to the attitude of bored pupils during the classes.

For Tina, the DOODLE became an interesting route while she was trying to convert the spontaneous lines into new patterns and fabrics. For this collection, she played monochrome, focusing on the fabrics which evolved into irregular shapes. The outfits are made out of knitted or quilted structures, yet the main attraction remains the material achieved through a felting technique (see the images below). These fabrics are handmade processed. She completed the doodle adventure with a pair of sunglasses with eyebrows (specially designed) which are really awesome.

22_lookbook_tina chirita

18_fabric_tina chirita

14_fabric_tina chirita 15_fabric_tina chirita

17_fabric_tina chirita

09_sketches_tina chirita

Tina Chirita – Doodle collection

11_fabrics_tina chirita

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