Playin’ Fashion – Playin’ Invisible

I recently became more interested in shoe design. It’s not that I like  shoes more than clothes, but in the world of shoes, the concept of new design is much stronger, while 3D printing technology opens new horizons. What I find absolutely fascinating: Marloes Ten Bhomer, Julian Hakes, Terra Plana and, now, Andreia Chaves.

I looked at these shoes many times, and I did not manage to post anything about them. In fact, I don’t have many comments. The designer is Andreia Chaves and the objects themselves are sensational. The “Invisible” project is a study of optical effects, smartly applied in shoe design. The result is a brand new urban object, playing chameleon – borrowing the traces of the environment, through a wonderful game of mirrors. There is also another version of this project called “Naked”, which keeps only the skeleton of the shoe. (I prefer the “invisible” one; I like the concept of changing surface).

The technology is fascinating and the future of fashion cannot be conceived separately from it. No wonder that a Japanese engineer invented an invisible coat. Creativity and technological innovation will soon replace nostalgia and automatisms which still govern contemporary fashion system.

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