Just in case you need a second skin

I’m usually not so enthusiastic about the beige and nude tones on clothes. It’s not because I don’t like them, it’s just the simple fact that nowadays, they’re literally suffocating the fashion world. It’s like – “u don’t have any inspiration, u don’t know what color you should use for that? Just try some beige- it’s easy and it always works!” That’s why I’m not interested in it, because it lacks originality, because it’s already too much and I’m just sick of it. I’ve decided to not tolerate the nude as fashion statement only if it has some serious support, as it does in Margiela’s work.

What about the Calvin Klein Collection? The subtle, elegant, smartly designed pieces from their Spring/ Summer 2012 collection? Also here, the nude has a strong design background. Calvin Klein pioneered the concept of invisible underwear (remember the laser cut, seamless finishing?) – they’re quite revolutionary¬† at this point. Not to mention their recent Naked Glamour lingerie campaign, featuring Lara Stone + Patrick Demarchelier. Their clothing line is always focused on genuine design, clean cuts and a lot o wear-ability. Actually, this design concept is 100% American. But, in addition, the new Spring/Summer Calvin Klein Collection gives it a subtle romantic mood, just opportune to transform the outfits in perfectly marketable products. In Calvin Klein’s terms, the beige really makes sense – it’s about designing the basics, it’s about imaging the contemporary wardrobe¬† as a light extension of the¬† skin.

images via vogue.com