Trending – Buckleless Belts

Usually, a belt is meant to be a strap endowed with a buckle, worn around the waist in order to support trousers or other clothing item. As fashion trends deal with whatever is unusual and creative, belts tend to be more decorative than functional and we’ve also spotted the trend of the buckleless belts. Be it a non product (as Sruli Recht states), a minimalist approach (at Rowena Sartin), a response to economic changes (old Rilleau snake-belts) or just a duty belt (police duty belt at Safariland), the buckleless belt is a cool accessory and, definitely, a must-have.

Sruli Recht

Rowena Sartin



Cast By Shadows

The Australian designer, now based in Reykjavik – Sruli Recht, is already famous for his particular fashion projects and his passion for the so-called “non-products”:

” ‘Non-Products’ – A specially made low run piece, either hand tooled or machine made, that would lose its context as a mass produced item, and is not viable to produce in large quantities. And/or An item that is in concept stage as a byproduct of the previous. ”

Sruli Recht definitely likes to experiment. Being equally interested in fashion and custom-tailoring, industrial design and illustration, he is, by all means, creative (till he reaches controversy). After the designer showed over the years some sensational projects like his Umbuster, the Bulletprouf HandKerchief etc., here he comes with some special items in his SS 2011 Collection – “Cast By Shadows”.

I’m talking about the limited-edition objects that he developed for the visually impaired – the white cane and the white glasses. The white larch cane is bleached in the sun, hand-carved and tipped with rubber. The eyeshade  frames are made of hand-carved cherry wood, while the lenses are hand-cut in Carrara marble. Both of them are limited edition- 5 pieces per each item.

Special indeed, I love projects like this. Because fashion should move further & go beyond.

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