Lingerie Inspiration

The concept of underwear worn as outerwear is not new to fashion. It has been around for a few seasons – we’ve spotted lingerie elements in various designer collections, promoted by celebrities, sometimes borrowed in streetstyle looks. Yet, for the Spring Summer 2016, lingerie inspiration seems more prominent than ever before.

lingerie inspiration_alexander wang ss 2016

Alexander Wang Spring 2016

In a realm which favors oversized volumes, baggy styles and genderless tailoring, I guess there is a need for softer elements. Whether it is more a matter of styling (as seen at Dries Van Noten, Vetements or Saint Laurent) or becomes an inspiration for entirely new constructions (check Balenciaga, Calvin Klein, Celine), lingerie is far from exhausting its power of seduction.

Bringing lingerie into the spotlight could be also regarded as an attempt to revamp and redefine femininity in terms fashion design. Let’s see in which way all those brassiere details, frills, negligees or pajamas will impact the configuration of our wardrobes.

lingerie inspiration_calvin klein collection ss 2016

Calvin Klein Collection Spring 2016

lingerie inspiration_balenciaga ss 2016

Balenciaga Spring 2016

lingerie inspiration_dries van noten ss 2016

Dries Van Noten Spring 2016

lingerie inspiration_lanvin ss 2016

Lanvin Spring 2016

lingerie inspiration_miu miu ss 2016

Miu Miu Spring 2016

lingerie inspiration_celine ss 2016

Celine Spring 2016

lingerie inspiration_saint laurent ss 2016

Saint Laurent Spring 2016

lingerie inspiration_vetements SS 2016

Vetements Spring 2016

lingerie inspiration_hood by air ss 2016

Hood by Air Spring 2016

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Now, when there’s no Margiela around (in terms of really experimental, subversive, avant garde fashion) hopefully we have Vetements

Vetements is a young Paris based fashion label run by an international collective of seven designers trained at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Die Angewandte in Vienna and Studio Berçot in Paris. Their Fall 2015 collection was recently showed at Paris Fashion Week. The show, held in the basement of Paris’ famous gay club Le Depot displayed oversized jackets, asymmetric dresses, sporty harnesses and skin-tight snakeskin platforms. With a casting of real people everything looked bold, subtle, odd and really creative in terms of  product design.

In French, “Vetements” literally means “clothes” – it’s simple. The design approach goes into the same spirit: it’s about producing beautiful clothes that are made to be worn. However, there’s a particular energy embedded in these deceptively simple outfits. Of course, the styling adds a particular flavour to the overall look, but even so we can feel there was a great concern in the making of the garment. Working on a piece of clothing, exploring its hidden details, subtly reconfiguring shapes and lines, taking risks – these preoccupations are extremely rare these days.

Vetements’ fashion esthetic, the way they play with proportions and volumes, the mix of raw with sophisticated details may seem margielesque, like their choice to remain invisible as creative individuals. Anyhow, there’s a new breath and many possibilities that can start from here, while being anonymous is an act of courage today more than ever. Focusing on well-done basic pieces above anything else, Vetements it’s not just a label but a genuine project by itself.

Vetements fall15_01 Vetements fall15_02 Vetements fall15_03 Vetements fall15_04 Vetements fall15_05 Vetements fall15_06 Vetements fall15_07 Vetements fall15_08

Vetements Fall 2015, catwalk images via