Andrea Hasler – Flesh Sculpture

andrea-hasler-luxury-flesh-sculpture-1 andrea-hasler-luxury-flesh-sculpture-detail2

Andrea Husler – Perishable Goods/ Swiss Mountains, Verbier, installed 2014

Andrea Hasler is a Swiss artist currently based in London, UK. Her wax and mixed media sculptures are characterized by a tension between attraction and repulsion, and highly influenced by artists like John Isaacs, Berlinde De Bruyckere and Louise Bourgeouis. Andrea Hasler helds an extensive portfolio with exhibitions in Los Angeles, London, Greece etc. She recently has won the Greenham Common Commission for 2014 and is currently artist in residency at Chisenhale, London.

The flesh cube that Andrea Hasler has recently installed in Swiss Mountains is a mix of luxury and decay, a relevant piece for her peculiar esthetic. In artist’s words:

How to depict the emotional body is the red thread in my work. I am fascinated with the psychological aspect of the body and its emotional link to ‘Abject’, the borderline of inside/outside, something that is aesthetically desirable, yet revolting and where viewer’s attraction are replaced by repulsion, power, control and impotence. 
In my work, I have always been particularly drawn to the body, how to depict the emotional body and working with skin as the physical element that divides the Self from the other, as well as the potential container for both and what happens if you open up those boundaries.”

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