Levi van Veluw x Hermes

levi van veluw x hermes_shanghai store wide levi-van-veluw x hermes shanghai levi-van-veluw x hermes-shanghai_detail 3 levi-van-veluw x hermes_shanghai store levi-van-veluw x hermes-shanghai_detail 1 levi-van-veluw x hermes-shanghai_detail 2

Levi Van Veluw – commissioned work for Hermès/ images via behance.net

On 12 September 2014, Hermès celebrated the Grand Opening of the Hermès Maison in Shanghai. The Maison window display by Dutch artist Levi van Veluw installed for the opening depicts a horse traveling from France to China, representing the relationship between Hermès and China. Actually, the horse symbol brings together Western and Eastern traditions in an inspired way.

To create the sensational installation for Hermès, Levi van Veluw had worked for 4 weeks together with 16 Chinese workers in Shanghai’s industrial area. The items in the window display are all handmade in wood veneer, with craftsmanship that reflects a human touch and attention to detail.

The Hermès Maison in Shanghai is the fifth of its kind worldwide, after Maisons in Paris, New York, Tokyo, and Seoul.


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