The Liquid Orchids

fabian-oefner-orchid-05 fabian-oefner-orchid-06 fabian-oefner-orchid-08 fabian-oefner-orchid-09

Fabian Oefner – Liquid Orchids (paint action photography) / via

Fabian Oefner (born 1984, Switzerland) is a curious investigator, photographer and artist, whose work moves between the fields of art and science. His images capture in unique and imaginative ways natural phenomena that appear in our daily lives, such as sound waves, centripetal forces, iridescence, or the unique properties of magnetic ferroliquids. His exploration of the unseen and poetic facets of the natural world is an invitation, as he says, “to stop for a moment and appreciate the magic that constantly surrounds us.”

The liquid orchids series is the result of Fabian’s experiments with colored fluids shaped for a second into floral like forms and captured with high speed photo camera.

The bold colors and shapes in Fabian Oefner’s images are truly invigorating and inspiring (I cannot help but connect it with Celine S/S 2014 fashion collection).


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