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Rams, aka  Hrútar (2015), director:  Grímur Hákonarson


Mirage, aka Délibáb (2014), director: Szabolcs Hajdu


Tom à la ferme (2013), director: Xavier Dolan


Rag & Bone – New Campaign


With the recent Rag & Bone Menswear campaign, it appears that we stay in the field of dance. The Rag & Bone Men Fall 2015 campaign is outstanding in many aspects: it features really nice outfits (lots of shirts, parkas and draped knits), everything is finished with a perfect styling, the casting is remarkable and unexpected for a fashion campaign. Think Lil Buck or Mikhail Baryshnikov!

Rag & Bone also released a short video featuring Buck and Baryshnikov (worth to see it!). Inspired by dancing and streetstyle, the entire collection is very dynamic, playing a lot with body movements and the power of expression through clothes. Once again, Mikhail Baryshnikov – 67 years old, is absolutely fabulous.









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TOGA‘s Fall 2014 collection entitled “Crudity, Durability, Roughness” explores the American West in a very peculiar way. There’s a lot of buzz around Americana style lately, but fortunately there are also plenty of creative resources to be found in designers’ collections. Especially when we’re talking about Japan versus America (via Europe) the result might be even more interesting.

Japanese designer Yasuko Furata graduated from Esmod in Paris before going on to work as a freelance costume maker. She launched her label Toga back in 1997. In 2004, TOGA opened its first boutique in the Ebisu district of Tokyo. Today, TOGA has over 30 shops all around the world. Distinguished by its exclusive fabrics research and experimental volumes, the Toga silhouette is urban, deconstructed and avant-garde. Defining her design as “Toughness and unique sexiness, hidden in elegance that uses complex female images to evoke all the senses”  Yasuko likes contradictions such as the combination of conflicting materials, interpretation of classic elements into casual styles, and the elegant presentation of sportswear elements.”

Indeed, these pieces are beautiful and provoking in terms of silhouettes, fabrics and associations, resulting in an efortless chic layerings of apparently contrastant elements. Addresing to a free-minded, contemporary, global woman, TOGA is a a label that certainly deserves un certain regard.

Toga_001_fall-14 Toga_003_fall-14 Toga_008_fall-14 Toga_012_fall-14 Toga_016_fall-14 Toga_017_fall-14 Toga_018_fall-14 Toga_022_fall-14 Toga_030_fall-14

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‘This is not a love song’


Franco-Portuguese artist and architect Didier Faustino is already renowned for his intriguing projects which debate alternative relationships between body and architecture. Founder of  Bureau des Mésarchitectures, Didier Faustino is the author of DoppelgangerSky is the Limit(G)HOST IN THE (S)HELLWe Can’t Go Home Again to name just a few projects.

His latest art project displays a personal interaction with a particular space – Villa Bloc (designed by French sculptor André Bloc in the 50s). At Villa Bloc Didier Faustino has implemented a semi-architectural installation entitled ‘This Is Not a Love Song’. I love both red explosive entrance and  the light arrows-installation placed inside. And especially the way these landmarks interact with the whole environment.


didier-faustino-villa-bloc-paris-2 didier-faustino-villa-bloc-paris-4

Didier Faustino installation at Villa Bloc Paris/ photos: Felipe Ribon/ images via


Hello Kitty!

hello-kitty-fashion-shoot02 hello-kitty-fashion-shoot03 hello-kitty-fashion-shoot04 hello-kitty-fashion-shoot05

Hello Kitty Style– an editorial featured in the December issue of Vogue Japan. Photo: Tibi Clenci/ Styling: Rena Semba / Fashion editor – Mayumi Nakamura/ Model Ai Tominaga/ images via

4D Runway Event – Ralph Lauren POLO Womenswear Spring 2015


Celebrating the opening of the first Polo flagship store on Fifth Avenue, Ralph Lauren’s new womenswear Polo line debuted at New York Fashion Week with a 4D holographic runway. Models and outfits were projected onto a water screen in Central Park, providing the audience a futuristic fashion experience.

Flower Beards

Trending_Beard flowers

While Walter Van Beirendonck has delivered green foam beards as a colorful and humorous accessory for his SS 2009 “eXplicit” collection (left), these days we’ve witnessed a similar yet very different approach – hipster beards garnished with flowers (right).

I admit that #flowerbeard as a fashion trend could sound a little bit weird, yet it is quite funny and perhaps it is a precise indicator that the time of full hipster beards finally comes to an end.