“Orishiki” is a hybrid word composed of “Ori ”, taken from Origami, Japanese paper-folding art, and “Shiki ” taken from Furoshiki, Japanese traditional wrapping cloth which is large enough to wrap and transport goods and gifts, as well as wearing them as scarves. “ORISHIKI” is a new carrying device consisting of a single piece of two dimensional structure, constructed of triangular segments which can be folded like origami, and can wrap things like furoshiki. The geometric bag is not only idiosyncratic in its appearance but also in its highly speacialized production process. The unique process can be applied to just about any productions without losing its unique product identity.

Naoki Kawamoto is a Japanese product designer, and author of the Orishiki project: the case, the clutch, the suitcase.

As Kawamoto states, the Orishiki is very different from any other product – it is a different concept, a different system, and a different look. Very original and quite unique, this project really deserves to be implemented somehow. And maybe in the future, the Orishiki concept could be extended to other product categories (Myiake did something similar with his 132 5 dresses). And, there’s another tip : with Orishiki suitcase, you don’t need to pack and unpack, because you have a nomadic piece of interior architecture that allows you to carry a patch of your own habitat anywhere.

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