Color Splash

Iain Crawford is a fashion photographer based in London, well known for his beauty photos, staging his experimental color splashes. Seems that he found a personal way to catch the beauty of a fashionable moment.

I love the fusion between paint and model. The resulting shapes are as opulent as any piece of bespoke couture. The excitement and anticipation as we waited to see the next piece of unpredictable chaos was electric. There was something magical about how random chance materialised into beautiful images in front of our eyes.”       Iain Crawford

I choose to post Crawford’s photos here because I think that his colorful series fits perfect to the summer trends – bright color, energy, simplicity.

This reminds me Michael Kors’ dresses from the Spring Summer 2011 catwalk. I’m not a big fan of Kors, but I think he really designed some great looks for this summer. Bright & easy to wear. Take a look!

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One thought on “Color Splash

  1. Wow, what an inspired association! I admit there’s always something I admire in Michael Kors’ collections and his use of colour for this spring is wonderful.

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