The Art of Erwina Ziomkowska

I recently came across Erwina Ziomkowska‘s artworks. For their visual power, for their fashion flavour, for their delicate absurdity, these pieces certainly deserve a closer look.

Erwina Ziomkowska is a Polish artist, who “produces minimal facilities and temporary installations. ”

Inclined for a minimalist way of acting, the artist opts for repetitive activities as grooving, puncturing, scratching, threading. At the end of the day, she reveals some beautiful and impossible objects: metallic underwear (dangerous inside), a pinned clutch bag, pinned shoes, etc. The extreme intensity of work (similar to irrationally-compulsive behaviours) contrasts the purified forms of the completed objects,  picturing a sterile cool beauty.

“A crucial element for the understanding of the works presented is an omnipresent doubt, which appears here the whole time (but with a different intensity) with a gentle kind of tension underneath. This sense of uncertainty appears to drive the whole acting system, based on the principle of repetition, bringing to mind a ritual process of transition. Where the rhythm of multiplied actions organizes the change, thus activating a complex process of internal transformation.

As far as the ritual goes there is a sort of external manifestation easing the transformation appearance- the subject of time passing, taken simultaneously, is a component driving this process from the inside.”

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