Not Just Another Fashionable Queen

I’ve always wondered if fashion is (or should be considered as) an application of design or it is more a matter of style. Of course, many fashion designers are primarily preoccupied to redefine style and the way we should look at a fashionable mood or a human silhouette, others are trying to shape the body through their brand new design objects. But, after all, clothes always tell new stories, there’s only the designer’s approach that makes the difference. Fashion  can turn fantastically figurative or poetically abstract, could be a matter of taste or style, or a challenge at the structural level.

Laura Vargalui is a Romanian stylist turned designer, and she’s damn good at telling stories! I mean she really knows how to use the power of the story to shape her fashion discourse. She did her best with Sophia de Romania, her new fashion label. Here are the images of some stunning outfits made from mats and rugs, so you can get a glimpse of all her superb mess. With Sophia De Romania, Laura speaks to contemporary emancipated women, to those who feel the urge to reveal that particular queen dwelling inside. To those endowed with fantasy, humor and a strong attitude. Enjoy!

Lookbook & catwalk pictures: Sophia De Romania/ designer: Laura Vargalui/ photographs: Corina Olaru/
models: Ana Maria Gheorghe,Ada Musat,Maria Mora,Paul Dunca/ make-up: Nicoleta Timus/ hair: Geta Voinea;
assistent hair:Alex Bratu/ accessories: Cosima Opartan.

3 thoughts on “Not Just Another Fashionable Queen

  1. A collection for the love of fashion, meant to tell a story. It’s not what I necessarily look for in fashion, but it’s good to see diversity.
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I wish you a wonderful, very happy new year. Cheers to a fantastic 2012! 🙂

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