The Anatomy Lesson

Tomasz Pietek – Muscle Skin Suit

The Human Body plastinated by Dalian Hoffen Bio-Technique Laboratory


Exposed anatomy remains a hot topic these days. Plastination is a technique used in anatomy to preserve bodies or body parts, first developed by Gunther von Hagens (1977). The water and fat are replaced by certain plastics, yielding specimens that can be touched, do not smell or decay, and even retain most properties of the original sample. The Human Body Exhibition, featured in various cities around Europe (currently on show in Bucharest, Antipa museum), contains specimens donated in accordance with Chinese law to the Dalian Hoffen Biotechnique Laboratory. DHBL engages in research and innovation of the Plastination technique and produces, preserves and provides specimens to medical schools and the general public for educational purposes.

In the meantime,Tomasz Pietek, a Polish designer, illustrator and animator, creates the muscle skin suit, a challenging outfit designed for bikers everywhere (and not just for them).

Born some time ago (from “our passion for cycling and graphic design”), the prototype designed by Pietek was recently put into production. Now the concept evolves in many variants, from short to full body muscle suits, to arm warmers or leg warmers (check out the


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