Art vs. Fashion

Jana Sterbak is a Canadian artist, known worldwide for her conceptual projects, especially for her works constructed from meat, as her Chair Apollinaire (1996) and her Vanitas: Flesh Dress for an Albino Anorectic (1987). Actually, it was Sterbak’s work that inspired Lady Gaga’s infamous flesh outfit at MTV Video Music Awards Gala last year.
However, Jana Sterbak has many other interesting works, worth to talk about. Yet, some of them are strangely connected¬† with the fashion world. I selected below some pictures from her projects: Sisyphus Sport (1997) and Remote Control (1989), and, of course, the Vanitas Flesh Dress. Basically, she shows out a bag, a cage and a dress. Always shifting perspective, she opts for an exploration in depth. And there’s a lot of irony, too.

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