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Continuing Fashion Salad’s long affair with novelty items from various fields of creativity, I’ve decided to reward one of my faithful readers with one of these peculiar objects. The opportunity came through an exciting partnership with UncommonGoods, and through the talent and craftsmanship of Gary Guydosh.

What’s the deal?

The glass water faucet is listed on UncommonGoods, an online marketplace dedicated to creatively designed, high-quality merchandise, uncommon gift ideas and lots of surprising goodies. Founded in 1999, and based in Brookyn, New York, UncommonGoods is a platform supporting artists and designers, unique hand crafted objects created with respect for the environment in mind. The website also hosts different design challenges for artists and designers, interested in selling their work online. The store holds a variety of products at a wide range of prices. Click here for more interesting products.

What’s the story?

The Water Faucet is actually an “impossible object”, a sculpture made of glass and metal by Gary Guydosh, an American artist based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Gary received his formal glassblowing training at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, supplementing his studies with Italian glass masters in Murano.  As the artist himself states:

“Making the glass come to life is no easy task, but all of the difficulties vanish before the pleasure and emotion I feel when fire, which softens and moves forms, lets me reach the ideal dimension.”

And finally…

What dirty job do I have to do to get my hands on this?

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3. Drop a Comment below (on this page). Be sure to mention your email, for us to contact you in case you win (for shipping details).


The campaign will last 7 days (from 20 to 26 August), and the winner will be picked via

The Glass Faucet will reach the winner soon after we get his/her confirmation and shipping address.


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