So Yoo Lym

Hair braiding and cornrow braiding exists around the world for ages, as a daily beauty ritual much in the way women and men all over the world and throughout time have styled their hair. Braiding is universal and timeless. The art of So Yoo Lym is mainly focused on it, as a kind of urban patterns,  worth to explore with her artistic tools. The Korean born artist lived her life somehow between continents, being the creator of a series of testimonials on contemporary urban tribes –  “The Dreamtime”. This series of hair and braid paintings began in 2008 ( you can’t believe they’re paintings, huh?) . Everything is based on photos taken by the artist of her students and people she stumbled upon while living in New Jersey.

And now, take a look at the cornrow hairstyle at Alexander McQueen, Spring/ Summer 2012


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