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Bara Prasilova graduated from the Institute of Creative Photography at Silesian University. She lives and works in Prague / Czech Republic. Her visual world consists of imaginary memories of what never happened and explorations of what could have happened if we dropped the habit of drawing our own limits. Her photographs have a characteristic slightly somber and magical atmosphere and humor, which is obvious more or less, depending on specific projects. Her objects are only mediators of the story, the role models. Bara enjoys complicating her job with insisting on real props and objects, sometimes made by her, which could in other cases be easily replaced by Photoshop. She frequently distorts figures of her models. Specifically with their feet positioning she is referring to her childhood ballet era.

bara prasilova amen2 bara prasilova amen3

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Here ‘s a selection from Bara’s fashion editorial Amen, realized for Proč ne?! magazine .

CREDITS: Petra Vokjan – retouching/ Viola Fetisova – styling/ Regina Soudilova – hair styling/ Renata Zelinkova/L’Oréal Paris – make-up/ Sasha Melnychuk (Bohemia M.), Josef (Clique M.) – models/ Mario Wild Flowers – flower props/ Filip Jandourek – photo assistant/ Matej Tresnak/Kinorama – Profoto rental/ Irena Tesarcikova – production/ images via

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