John Rocha

John Rocha is, perhaps, one of the most underrated figures  on the fashion scene, despite his particular approach to design and his own distinctive style. Yet, this Hong Kong born fashion designer, now based in Ireland, is worldwide known for his hand-crafting, beading and appliquée to garments, and also for his passion for jewelry, decoration and architecture. John has also turned his design skills to interior designs as well as launching home and clothing lines at Debenhams. Once awarded with the British Designer of the Year (1994), John Rocha was left in oblivion. And that’s not fair for a designer who’s constantly working and improving each season with new fabrics and creative techniques.

Anyway, John Rocha SS 2012 Collection, that he showed at London Fashion Week, absolutely needs un certain regard. I mean, look at those beautiful raffia dresses, those crochet details and exquisite silk drapes! John Rocha is renowned for his use of contrasting textures and muted colors, marrying age-old materials and techniques with contemporary shapes. Inspired by natural elements, his work is somehow beyond fashion. His clothes are modern and yet timeless. Isn’t that exactly what we need- timeless well crafted pieces, that can be creatively styled while being worn, adding a girly, a grungy, a romantic touch?  Oh yes, the styling of this collection is fantastic:  shaded make-up, elaborate hair dressing and those statement head pieces.

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