Puma Urban Swift Sneakers

I’m sure that everybody remembers Hussein Chalayan’s stunning “Inertia” collection (spring/summer 2009). The collaboration between the designer and Puma, reveals a bright continuity for Chalayan’s futuristic idea.

Puma’s  fall/winter 2011 collection contains several pieces grouped under the banner ‘urban swift’. I think Chalayan’s collaboration with Puma is a fruitful one, and the extraordinary fact behind it is that the visionary designs of the maestro finally can reach the mass market. This time, the concept of urban mobility is translated into these wonderful products, and the Urban Swift incorporates a distinct element of speed and grace through a 3D series of spikes on the heel. I’d really like a white pair!

chekout urbanmobilty

images via bpuma.com, designboom.com

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