Instead of Make-up

Gareth Pugh – Fall/ Winter 2011/2012.

What happens when you mix technological appeal with fashion’s new tribalism? It’s a kind of beauty revolution, it’s Gareth Pugh.

Gareth Pugh is no stranger to the wonderful world of makeup. As you know, Gareth Pugh isn’t interested only in clothes, his dark beauties reveal a deeper challenge on the body level. Designing something for a cosmetic label sounds natural to him, and really makes sense. Gareth Pugh has developed a new line with Mac Cosmetics, that will come out in November. So, we’re expecting some¬† interesting packaging designs,¬† black lipsticks, angular lashes and butterfly-wing-inspired polishes.


One thought on “Instead of Make-up

  1. ooooh I did try some DIY version of this some time ago (I was bored and alone in the agency where I work) and blogged about it…actually it looks pretty insane but it is not that comfortable to wear :))

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