Made in China

“Made in China” means something different now than 10 years ago. In the past, China manufacturing was all considered uniform. Now, there are distinct differences among regions in China, with better-quality goods being made in the southern provinces. There is so much European luxury manufacturing done there already, and with that, better-trained workers. Often Italian workers are brought in as well to teach traditional techniques. Southern China is also becoming more expensive to manufacture. It’s no longer the mass-produced low-cost center.” (read more on

I won’t talk here about Made in China as a label referring at pure manufacturing process. It’s about Made in China as covering the entire fashion process: the dress imagined- created-produced-finished-displayed. China is more known as a luxury consumer rather than a producer. But the Chinese can also produce and create beautiful things, there are also some established high-end labels that have originated from Hong Kong and China. And there’s no wonder – the Chinese culture is a sophisticated one, it’s about color and opulence, it’s about dragons and gold, about thoroughness and inventiveness.

Just take a look at their  Spring/ Summer 2012 Collections,  recently displayed  at China Fashion Week, held in Beijing from October 24 to November 2.  Note the spectacular “couture” outfits mixing traditional Chinese inspiration with Western trends and techniques – they’re quite impressive. The beauty close ups are breathtaking.


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