The A-Men and Beyond


A-MEN is the Men’s scent and, after Angel, the second major success of the house of Thierry Mugler, being launched  in 1996. With or without Thierry, seems that Mugler’s advertising campaigns continue maestro’s vision on radical fashions. The fashion-able bodies once promoted by Alexander McQueen (remember the famous 1998 Dazed issue?), are now reloaded by Art Director Formichetti. As Aimee Mullins is still inspiring for everybody in the world, we are now invited to take a look at South Africa’s athlete & Paralympic hero Oscar Pistorius.

Oscar Pistorius – known as the “Blade Runner”, has been running with artificial legs since his childhood, thus making an inspirational career. The commercial features the athlete running with prosthetic limbs on the classic Mugler Angel background. Spectacular indeed! The A-Men Mugler campaign doesn’t promote only a scent, but rises a motivational theme, focusing on the body. The future of fashion is more and more about the fashion-able body and Nicola Formichetti develops the concept in various ways, from the Gaga look to Rico’s performance, from the cyborg inspired outfits to his Brothers of Arcadia. Especially with the A-Men Ad campaign, he did it fantastically once again.


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